my birthday and THE RING

Its Been Awhile

my birthday and THE RING

It has been awhile since I last posted on here..mainly because I lost my password.
But a large part of it has been the events over summer!!!
Yay! where to start…I know exactly where!!
On my 24th Birthday getting ready for my birthday Party my boyfriend Dylan (aka Mr Bearded Man) purposed to me!!
Eek how exciting hey!!
My Birthday was completley lost as everyone oohed and arhhed over the ring.

Its all been a big blurry rush since then, I finished my exams and passed my first year of teaching, then Christms and then working really really hard to fix up our yeard and organise the engagment party!!

After surfing countless wedding blogs, I put together a gorgoeus engagment party (Well I think so, i havnt heard anything feedback from my friends)

My Mum and I with help from my lovely bearded fiance and some dear friends worked realy hard in the yard, im really proud of myself as I (with a little help from the beard, but mainly me) flattened and erected a rotundah area. IT IS AWESOME!!

The rotundah I built

We have a big back yard and it is the best place to sit surrounded by all the trees. Very peaceful.
We also got the beard and his friend to put the roof back on our back verandah. I sat out there in the rain yesterday (with my laptop) on our new outside dinning table (Its not an outdoor set, it really is a dinning table and big comfy chairs) listening to the rain..It was heavenly.

The Fiance and I with our yummy Engagement cake


Oh and another distraction over the summer has been my car..GRRR

The engine Blew, 2 weeks I got it back with a second hand engine to dscover within half an hour it was leaking power steering fluid. Back to the mechanics for that, got it home another week later and discovered that day still leaking, took it back and they couldnt figure it out, took it back a week later and it was the transmission.  So after a month where I couldnt drive my car and maxing out my Mums credit card. Sigh so I have to pay that before saving for the very exciting wedding!

That is the bulk of my Summer distractions! Hopefully I will have a bit more time to post from now on.